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Red GT40 at speed

Spring Mountain Motorsports Park is located Just west of Las Vegas in Parumph, NV. This high end motorsports country club has it all!  Great track surfaces with the fun of Vegas all rolled into your trip.

This private and very modern racing facility is yours to enjoy all winter long when you want to make a getaway from the cold and snow of the northern winters. Maybe you just really want to check one off the bucket list.


Your wife can, gamble, shop and spa, kids can play by the pool, What could be better or more memorable?

Spring Mountain Motorsports Park is fast, fun and challenging for your to Drive a Ford GT40 near Las Vegas at speed. We provide full instruction and mentoring by your private professional drivers coach. Your coach will be be ridding right seat with you the whole time.


We will take the time and show you the car and explain why this car was the best in the world and best the Ferrari’s at LeMans races in the 1960’s.  One look at the car and you will understand that it may best the sexiest, fastest and coolest car ever produced!  Yes it is really only 40 inches high!

You must be 6ft or under and under 260 pds to fit in this car as the seat is not adjustable.  Well the is not a seat.  You just sit on the floor on a pad the way the race drivers did in the sixties!

Yes please take all the pictures you want to create this memory like no other.


Next Event Date TBA!

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